Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Our main goal in Human Resources Management applications is to work with individuals that conform to our corporate culture, have high willingness to work and we can together realize our fundamental objectives; to guide our human resources in the most efficient way by creating professional growth opportunities and to ensure that our employees improve themselves and grow strong together with the company.

Our philosophy is;

To create a company that adds value to our stakeholders with

  • Dynamic, fighter, result-oriented and leader management culture and
  • Fast and quality service understanding

As a Team.

We are taking firm steps into the future with our working culture and fundamental principles in the company and employees that;

  • Value team spirit, common mind and each other
  • Are aware of duties and create value while realizing them; responsible and productive
  • Do not stall the work and the customer, is capable of resolving problems with positive and rational approaches; customer- and result-oriented
  • Maintaining/managing his/her duties methodically pursuant to long- and short-term plans
  • Have command of his/her duties, open to development, not afraid of taking measured risks whenever necessary, acting dynamically and promptly
  • Are their own boss, taking and letting others take initiatives, having leadership skills in the foreground
  • Are aware of company's general goals and principles and working in discipline accordingly
  • Demonstrate quality, consistent and balanced stance in all aspects
  • Set an example with high energy, dauntless belligerency and his/her deeds

And are proud of being a member of İŞ Leasing.

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