Human Resources

Hiring and Career

Hiring process at İş Leasing is executed with a perspective of right person for right position and our main goal is to gain employees that best fit our working principles and the position in question and willing to create added value for our company in the long term.

Hiring process at İş Leasing is planned annually in accordance with the company growth and organizational needs. Based on such plans and collaborating with the Departments, job posting process is completed based on the job descriptions and competencies related to the position in question.

Our hiring process begins with assessment of the applications submitted to our company. Following the preliminary eliminations based on résumés, candidates conforming to the pre-determined criteria are invited to job interviews. The invited candidates are assessed based on their competencies and if required based on their experience in the relevant position. Such process is supported with various measurement and assessment tools in line with the requirements. The process is completed upon determining the right candidate.

As İş Leasing family, we value each and every employee and all candidates are similarly valuable to us.

Our main goal in İş Leasing – Career Management is to ensure that our employees advance in duties where they can be successful and develop their competencies considering their areas of interest and tendencies. Accordingly, performances of our employees are constantly assessed and areas needing improvement are determined and the qualified human resource that the organization needs is ensured by developing such areas with trainings.

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