About Leasing

Advantages of Leasing

1% VAT Advantage

Catch the advantage of paying 1% VAT for your investments instead of 18% or 8%.

Foreign currency borrowing

Instead of foreign currency indexed borrowing for your leasing repayments, benefit from direct foreign currency borrowing option.

Operational facilitation

Let the expert staff of our company perform the import and incentive operations of your leasing investment. You just enjoy the operational facilitation.

Pay VAT in installments

Instead of paying the value added tax (TAX) incurring in purchasing in advance, repay the same in installments with your rental payments and easily manage your cash flow.

Tax advantage

Catch the advantage of being exempt from all kinds of taxes, duties and fees.

Mid- and long-term maturity financing opportunity

Leasing allows for mid- and long-term maturity borrowing with fixed rental amounts. Prefer leasing for your investments and do not consume your bank credit lines

Invest without using your equity

Purchase any equipment with leasing instead of paying in advance. Do not touch your equity. Moreover, enjoy the confidence of using 100% financing for your investment by spreading all expenses related to the contract to your rental payment plan.

Repayment suited for your cash flow

Let us arrange the rental payments suited for your company's cash flow, investment efficiency and economic life. Make your investments without facing difficulties.

Fixed rental payments throughout the term of lease

Use the advantage of fixing your rental payments throughout the term of contract for your leasing operations. Make your forward planning.


Benefit from allocating amortization and revaluation in all fixed asset investments made with leasing.

Ability to finance investments of all scales

Whether large scale or small scale, enjoy the convenience of tailored solutions for financing needs of your investments.

Transfer of ownership at the end of term of lease

Keep in mind that you can take over the ownership rights of the investment instrument that you have leased the usage right of by paying a symbolic amount at the end of contract term.

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